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Students’ Blogs: Fieldwork in Jordan 2015

Students’ video in Dutch

Students’ video in English

A (Typical) Tourist in Jordan Gazing at Jordan
Journey through Jordan A Tourist Studying Tourism
Jelle’s tourist gaze on Jordan in an unstable area INSIGHTS INTO JORDANS PRIDE
Difference in equality Traveller or tourist? 6 Arabian nights in Jordan
Jordan: An Introduction to the Middle East Jordan through the eye of Mariël
Notes from 37 East meets West: Exploring Jordanian culture
Anniek abroad A Jordan Life for me
Jordan tourist in turmoil Jordan: More than Meets the Eye
A Dutch Gaze in Jordan Submerging in a world of wonders
A Dutch girl in the Arab World Jordan Experienced
Middle East? NO!! Let’s say WESTERN ASIA! Jara to Jordan
(An)other hopping passport journal Kong fu panda in Jordan
Students’ brochure in Dutch Students’ brochure in English